RF Shield non-latching

userHead zuriel 2016-03-22 03:43:35 1518 Views2 Replies
Would any of you know how to reprogram the RF shield so that the outputs is momentary/non-latching?

If that isn't possible, is there a way to reset the RF shield so that the digital outputs all return to 0(low)?

The products used are:
RF Shield(315MHz)(SKU:TEL0075)
Metal Remote Wireless Controller 315MHz(FIT0355)

The code to test it is:
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/*The following 4 pin definitions,correspond to 4 buttons on the remote control(The telecontroller is Remote Wireless Keynob 315MHz(SKU:FIT0355))*/
int D1 = 8;    //The digital output pin 1 of decoder chip(SC2272)
int D2 = 9;    //The digital output pin 2 of decoder chip(SC2272)
int D3 = 10;   //The digital output pin 3 of decoder chip(SC2272)
int D4 = 11;   //The digital output pin 4 of decoder chip(SC2272)

void setup()
  /*The four pins order below correspond to the 4 buttons on the remote control.*/
  pinMode(D4, INPUT);  //Initialized to input pin, in order to read the level of the output pins from the decoding chip
  pinMode(D2, INPUT); 
  pinMode(D1, INPUT);   
  pinMode(D3, INPUT); 

void loop()
       Serial.print(digitalRead(D4));  //Read individually output pins of the decoder chip,and put them on the serial monitor

Thank you!
2016-03-22 12:34:53 Any chip could be programmed, but this one...I didn't find its chip datasheet, either its default firmware from its official site. Quite few words talking about how to program it~ So I think it's not accessible.

But why would you like to re-program it? I am not sure if I got you, do you mean now, this shield will output "1" even there is no button pressed of the Metal Remote Wireless Controller 315MHz(FIT0355)?
userHeadPic Leff
2016-03-22 08:04:42 Nvm, the chip itself is programmed to be latching.

Is there a way to get the momentary version??
userHeadPic zuriel