Gravity DC Micro Metal Gear Gear Motor With Driver Question

userHead carl_kalkhof 2019-08-22 03:12:07 5720 Views5 Replies
Hello -
Can I purchase the Gravity driver alone without the motor? I would like to purchase 25 of them if possible.

Thank you for your time.
2019-08-23 22:19:59 Boo userHeadPic carl_kalkhof
2019-08-22 22:18:59 My apologies for not being clear on what I need -
I was hoping to be able to purchase just the motor driver portion of SKU:DFR0429 without the motor. I literally have about 200 of these motors and just need the driver board for my project/possible product. I am very proficient at soldering/fabrication/design so I will be able to mount the board to my motors with no issues or liability on your end.

Thank you again for your time.
userHeadPic carl_kalkhof