Gravity I2C with multiple BMP180s on Raspberry Pi 3B+

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Have DFR0576 (Gravity I2C Multiplexer) and many BMP180s as well as other sensors.

Looking for complete instructions specific to install and use this multiplexer on Raspberry Pi 3B+, especially on how to access and choose between any number of BMP180s, as well as other sensors, once installed. No instructions come with multiplexer. Nothing from internet searches so far, tell how install and/or use this multiplexer on Raspberry Pi 3B+.

Sensors all tested to work. Need to be able to install as many sensors as needed, when needed, and read, print, the data from each one. Python code for selecting between multiplexer channels is also needed.

Pi sees multiplexer on port 70.
2019-08-29 20:07:51 There is nothing about Raspberry Pi 3B+ at the above referenced link. Information given is for TCA9548A, not the DFR0576, even though DRF0576 is the unit pictured. Schematic and layout pages are 404, not there.

Needed support is for the DFR0576 specifically in order to get it to work on the Raspberry Pi 3B+ with the BMP180.

In the DFR0576 Raspberry folder on Github, the DFRobot_I2C_Multiplexer Library has library and examples with no instructions on how to install and/or use. There is nothing at all that shows how to install and use this particular multiplexer on Raspberry Pi on any site found so far. Unit is advertised as being Raspberry Pi compatible. It looks like it is compatible but without good instructions, it is not.

Need succinct and complete, step-by-step, instructions, with python code examples, specific for DFR0576 on Raspberry Pi 3B+, using multiple BMP180s, as well as other sensors.

IMPORTANT: Python example(s) of how to choose between multiplexer channels are badly needed.
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