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I just tried to test my newly received DFPlayer mini, and immediately stumbled upon a problem. The module is supposed to have 64MB of integrated NOR-Flash. But how do i access this memory to put music on it? The capacity would be enough for me.
2020-06-25 20:00:56 To date, we have not known how to place the files inside the serial flash memory :roll: userHeadPic fadi.albaghdade
2016-04-08 10:28:18 Hi herr.nonamenoname,

Thanks for your time on that. So the 64MB data space is not available to use cause I didn't find any description on that.

I will forward your question to our supplier to find out the possibility, I will update this post once I got something constructive. ;)
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2016-04-08 04:31:36 I already tried that and the device onyl acts as a SD-card reader when connected to the PC over USB :-( userHeadPic herr.nonamenoname
2016-04-05 18:45:14 :shock: I didn't even notice that, good question.

If it is possible, there is only one way to make it, that is using its USB interface, and connect to your computer, then there should be a storage device come out that allow you to store some files.

Is it possible to find a USB cable, cut off its USB port head, and do some soldering with the MP3 player module?
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