3.7v Lipo Charger - Need blocking diode?

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Does the 3.7v Solar LiPo Charger need a blocking diode or is it built in? The schematic shows a diode on + Solar In - D1 SS14... Is this the blocking diode?

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jc wrote:Hey, Thanks for your help Lef!

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2016-04-09 04:09:02 Hey, Thanks for your help Lef! userHeadPic jc
2016-04-07 14:56:03 Hi jc,

I finally find where is the diode using in solar charger in step Step 8: Wire Up The Charge Controller, and from the explaination that "One of the reasons I like using this little charge controller is that its hard to screw up. There are 4 solder points on it. In the front next to the mini-USB port are where we hook up the DC power, which in our case in solar, and the two spots in the rear are for the battery.", we can know it is very likely for reverse polarity protection. Then it's the same function as D3 ss14 on our pcb. So you don't have to use another diode if you purchased our one.
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2016-04-06 21:56:47 I meant to say D3... Sorry 'bout that... userHeadPic jc
2016-04-06 21:54:52 I've read that you need a blocking diode when using solar panels and small LiPo Battery Chargers to prevent power
from reversing back through the panels when dark.
Here's a couple of Instructables: ... put-end-o/ ... o-Charger/

Is this a concern?
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