MPU6050 raw data conversion

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I would like to know, how to convert raw data from MPU6050 sensor to G or m/s^2. Do you have any formula?

Thank you in advance for your answer.
2019-09-11 11:58:10 Hey,
You can check out the product datasheet here: ... -6000A.pdf
Under the section 7.8 Three-Axis MEMS Accelerometer with 16-bit ADCs and Signal Conditioning you can find the relative information you are looking for.

For the more technical approach please take a look here: ... -6000A.pdf
Under the 2. Accelerometer Hardware Self-Test: Relative Method

You can check out our product page here that uses the MPU6050 chip. The library contains two examples, one for just raw data and one linked to processing sketch with interpolated data.
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