play music with Micro:bit Driver Expansion Board

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I would like to know how could I play music (not only basic sounds) with Micro:bit Driver Expansion Board.

Thank you
2020-12-09 15:44:22 Hello,

You share it very interesting and I love it. You can also play there for free.
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2019-10-25 14:40:52 Micro:bit Driver Expansion Board adopts IIC external drive chip to control the motor and servo motor, only takes up two IIC pins and can complete the motor and servo dual control without occupying other resources. userHeadPic WendyMarshall753
2019-09-13 13:48:07 Hello,

Thank you for your answer.
But I would like ta play music with a real speaker and not only a buzzer.

Is there any module that I could connect to the expansion board to play recorded songs ?
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