Firebeetle too high voltage on 3.3V when in deep sleep mode

userHead peter 2019-09-16 14:53:01 2918 Views9 Replies
When my ESP32 Firebeetle board is powered through the USB connector the voltage, on the 3.3V rises to 4.7V when the ESP32 is put into deep sleep mode. When the ESP32 is woken up form deep sleep the 3.3V returns to it's normal operating voltage. First I was not sure if this would damage the board, but after a while the WiFi didn't worked anymore on my board.
This will only happen when there is no communication on the USB serial port.
So, when I open the serial port on the USB, it will stay normal on 3.3V also when the ESP32 is in deep sleep mode, but when I exit the serial terminal the voltage on the 3.3V will rise to 4.7V in deep sleep.
Is this a design error?
2019-10-09 16:26:44 Well, it say's V3.0 and not V4.0!
Can you send me a new V4.0 board as a replacement of my broken board, so I can check if this issue is solved?
Thanks a lot
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2019-10-01 04:25:00 The schematics in the Wiki is still V3.0 : [DFR0478](V3.0)-SCH.PDF userHeadPic peter
2019-09-28 18:23:20 The problem is when I have to charge the battery and the ESP32 is in deep sleep, it kills the board!
What changed in the Version 4.0?
Were can I find the schematics of the V4.0 board?
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2019-09-23 22:17:35 The board version is V3.0 userHeadPic peter