How to fix if wheel slides off from motor axis?

userHead Leff 2016-04-18 17:00:24 2419 Views0 Replies


Because some wheels' axis hole is a little larger than motor axis, it would be annoying that the wheel runs off while...

How to solve it? Two ways to solve it I think. 

One is to use 502 Super Glue Adhesive, but it will cement them forever, very useful but not suggested only if you will never disassemble them. 

Following steps are the second way, very easy.

What we need:


1. Cut off a piece of adhesive tape, 2(5)x15(20)mm is ok.

2. Stick the adhesive tape to the motor axis.

3. Mount on the wheel on the axis, the small piece of tape can now strenthen the attachment. Be careful when inserting the axis to the hole of the wheel, or the adhesive tape will slade away.