Max number of accelerometers

userHead Account cancelled 2019-10-23 17:00:08 1625 Views1 Replies
Fairly new to arduino. Using it for a postgrad research experiment.

Not sure if my googling is just shitty or if it can’t be done. I’m trying to do measurements of flutter for a flutter suppression system in a wing, and because of this I need to make a high fidelity computer model of the wing using accelerometers.

I should be able to get away with six accelerometers and three servos, however from what I can see the ADXL345 only has two independent slave addresses (0x53 and 0x1D) so then I would need at least 3 boards (MEGA2560 currently).

In this case I’m worried about bottle necking my control system.

So first question is, is two the max number of accelerometers I can use?

Second is, are there any better alternatives to arduino for this?

Three, if I do need to use multiple boards, is there a tutorial for an easy way I can get them to talk to one another without going through a pc? Otherwise what’s a realistic delay between receiving the accelerometers data, analysing it on a PC and the transmitting a command to the three servos on a different board?