Gravity UART A6 (TEL0113): error reading SIM info

userHead lukasz.ronka 2019-10-31 00:27:29 1654 Views2 Replies

I have a problem with particular SIM card used with A6 GSM&GPRS module.
I was able to run the module with RPi 3 and make a GSM call using one SIM card. Hovever, I have a problem with another SIM card (100% working in cell phone): AT+CCID command returns strange error code: +CME ERROR:4294443037 - what it means? What's the problem with this SIM card?

2019-11-01 03:31:28 I have played with this SIM a little and found that there is some contact problem. I've added some adhesive tape to make it fatter and now it works. It's strange that for two other cards there is no problem.
Thanks for your help.
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