problems connecting Devasator parts

userHead Evans Thomas 2016-04-22 23:49:26 2725 Views2 Replies
The 2nd image I shot which shows part a-2 and a-3 . Support posted the 1st image as the proper method to connect the parts. Refering to the first image the far right image is how I connected the 2 parts. I have placed the 2 parts next to each other, as I interpreted the image from support. Theses 2 parts will not fit together. What is the correct method to connect the parts?

Thank you,

Tom E
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2016-04-24 07:20:33 Disregard my post I figured things out. Thanks. userHeadPic Evans Thomas
2016-04-22 23:59:38 I should point out that the reason a2 and a3 wont fit is the male part of a2 is much to large for the female part of a3. I hope that makes sense. userHeadPic Evans Thomas