SKU_SEN2030 inconsistent data

userHead cyrlhrts 2019-11-13 22:52:09 1758 Views5 Replies
Im currently using a DFRobot- SKU_SEN2030. It has a DIGITAL mode that computes the received data automatically but it is not that accurate. Maybe it is because im only supplying 3.3v to it? The recommended supply is 5v. Also, is there a code or way to compute manually the analog data from it? I'm thinking of going that way if I fail to fix it.
2020-01-05 03:10:16 I am struggling to get the BPM to give consistent data, what code would you add to this code to display BPM on the Serial Monitor

Thanks, Johnny
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2019-11-15 05:57:45 Hi, Sorry i mustve mistyped.

This is the one im talking about
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