Firebeetle ESP32 OneWire not working with Arduino 0.0.9 board definition

userHead Account cancelled 2020-01-02 03:34:00 2361 Views2 Replies

It appears that when I use the latest available version of the Firebeetle-ESP32 board definition to build a simple OneWire sketch in order to read a DS18B20 temperature sensor it will fail reading only -127 values.

Rebuilding with previous version 0.0.8 however does work.

I notice that Espressif's ESP32 Github is now at v1.0.4. Any clue if a beta is available from DfRobot somewhere or if an updated stable release is expected soon?

2021-06-10 08:10:43 Is there any update on this issue?

I purchased a FireBeetle ESP32-E IoT Microcontroller (SKU:DFR0654) and DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor (SKU:DFR0198) from you and they do not work together.

I have constructed the circuit as shown and it works perfectly on an Arduino UNO and ESP32-DevKit, but when I hook it up exactly the same way to the FireBeetle ESP32-E (except for of course for the correct digital pin, specified in the sketch) OneWire fails to find the sensor.

I have tried the “stickbreaker” version of the library and even the “OneWireNg” library but nothing works.

I will be returning my products if this isn’t resolved.

What happened from 0.0.8 forward that broke this?

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