Mobile platform that will follow you

userHead Account cancelled 2016-05-03 19:04:48 3936 Views1 Replies
I would like to build a mobile robotic platform that will follow me around. I have just bought a Cherokey 4wd mobile platform and will assemble it when it arrives but am unsure on what else i need to complete the project.
Ideally the Cherokey will travel about 1 metre behind me and it will be able to track some type of transmitter or receiver that I am carrying. If it needs to be line of sight then so be it but preferably if the remote device could in my pocket that would be preferable.
Collision protection would seem to be a logical inclusion in the project as well.
Any advice would be appreciated and thank you for your help.
2016-05-06 18:28:22 To avoid a barrier is easy, but to track something is difficult. Because all the distance sensors have limited detection angle~ userHeadPic Leff