DFPlayer inconsistent loading issues...

userHead ramakrishnan.engg 2020-01-08 18:14:04 1919 Views3 Replies
Hi All,
I am putting together a mp3 player based on DFPlayer. Initially it was playing consistently. But now it is very erratic and only plays intermittently

The following links are what i have put together for setting up the LCD and DFPlayer in a single sketch ... displays-1

Software serial for DFPlayer is on 5,6 rather than 10,11.

When i let the dfplayer and lcd load and then connect the speaker, it works sometimes.

But when i connect the speakers and the connect to usb, I get weird noise(as in the video) and then it refuses to start

Can you please help me? Is this the voltage drop issue?
2020-01-15 14:57:06 Thanks, the issue was with headers i used for connecting. So i soldered them. However all of a sudden I am now getting Stack Wrong error. I will open another topic for the same userHeadPic ramakrishnan.engg