How to use more than one DFplayer mini together

userHead Account cancelled 2020-01-21 09:21:28 1282 Views2 Replies
This is a hardware question. I have a project that uses sound effects. One sound effect is a constant background sound, and then when the user interacts with the buttons, there will be sound effects that play separately. I need on DFplayer to play the constant on sound, and one to play the button sounds.

My question is, how best to amplify this and run it to the same speaker set? I dont want to use two sets of speakers for the project, rather have both players go to the same speakers through a 1/8 in TRS jack. Looking for recommendations on how to do this.

2022-01-29 21:45:13 I recently ran into a similar problem since I don't understand how it all works. I started creating my music, and many new problems opened up for me that I found difficult to cope with. I take all the samples from the royalty-free sound effects library, I've already figured that out, and I'm doing fine. The only thing that stops me is that I have a terrible understanding of how all servers are arranged and everything connected with computers. If someone here can help me deal with this, I would be thrilled and could even pay for this help. I hope that someone will answer us and we will solve our problems userHeadPic alfonsobussom