Charging from solar via USB port on DFRobotShop Rover V2

userHead tysonzwicker 2016-05-12 05:18:31 3946 Views2 Replies
Hi, I've got a couple of questions regarding using a solar panel to charge my rover..

1. If wire 5~6V solar panel to a USB mini, and then plug that into the USB port of the DFRobotShop Rover V2, will the rover's onboard LiPO charger charge the battery when the voltage from the solar panel is high enough?

2. If the charger smart enough to ignore the incoming voltage from the USB/Solar input if the voltage isn't high enough due to insufficient light? Or will this cause damage to battery and/or Arduino..

3. Does anyone have a better idea?

2016-05-13 07:55:00 So I could just connect the solar panel and the battery to the SparkFun LiPo charger, and also run the battery to the Rover's JST plug, by splitting the wires from the battery to two JST female connectors? That sounds like exactly what I need. Though I guess I'll need to monitor the voltage on that battery line to make sure it won't burn out the 3.6V motors on the rover when the charger throws extra voltage on the line. userHeadPic tysonzwicker
2016-05-12 15:34:04 Hi there,

You have to use, or the unsatble solar panel voltage will do harm to Arduino (cauing bootloader lost) and battery.
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