Bricked my panda? Help!

userHead dwelda1 2016-05-20 17:41:07 3292 Views2 Replies
Being that I didn't know which button was for the power, the lattepanda won't boot to the desktop but simply shuts off, and it can't fix itself. Am I able to load a fresh install image on a flash drive to reinstall the image?
2021-09-08 19:10:06 Bricked my panda is a question by the profiler that I don’t know which button was used for the power. This would not be a desktop that simply shut down the review that is able to lead the installation of flash drive and install of the images. userHeadPic jactterston
2016-05-21 11:10:26 You can down load a disc image under the lattepanda documentation page. I may be having a similar problem. I boot up the unit, and after a few minutes (already in Windows desktop) it shuts down. userHeadPic robert.maier