Romeo power problem

userHead Thad 2011-04-14 00:34:58 6950 Views0 Replies
    I'm just getting started with the Romeo board and I found that the board will power on with the USB cable, but not with the 5 AA battery pack, i.e., it doesn't seem to be getting any power from the battery pack. 

  I checked the battery pack with a voltmeter and it is putting out 7.95 Volts, so I would think there is enough power there to activate the board.  Does this mean the board is bad, i.e., if the board were fried would I be getting any power at all, even from the USB cable?

    I connected the ground (black wire) from the battery pack to the GND termimal on the board and the red wire from the battery pack to the M_VIN terminal on the board.

    I can still program the board and control the LEDs via the Arduino software (when the USB is attached). 

    My main question is, how do I know if the board is bad and I need a new one, or is it just a faulty connection?  I have the VIN=MVIN jumper on the board.