List of values for different fields?

userHead andy94122 2016-06-05 13:34:17 3314 Views1 Replies
Is there a list of values/ranges for the different fields that open when you use a condition/action? For instance, there is an "LED address" field in the top lights. What can be put in there? And what speed values can be put in for the motors? 1-100? 1-1000?
2016-06-07 11:44:57 Hi andy94122,

Are you talking about WhenDo programming? If so, when you add a new module, if there is a blank you need to fill, then there will be a remind that the value range you are allowed to input.

Besides, if you are interested in Arduino Programming, there is an unfinished wiki (will be done very soon) for your reference.
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