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I2C Restart Sequence

userHead purav70 2016-06-09 02:02:18 2966 Views3 Replies
Hi guys,

For arduino, the restart sequence for I2C is Wire.endtransmission(false), however I know that bluno does not allow a parameter in endTransmission(). In light of this, how can I sent a restart sequence?

2016-06-21 18:05:46 Hi purav70,

I read this on the wiki

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byte i2c_eeprom_read_byte( int deviceaddress, unsigned int eeaddress ) {
    byte rdata = 0xFF;
    Wire.write((int)(eeaddress >> 8)); // MSB
    Wire.write((int)(eeaddress & 0xFF)); // LSB
    if (Wire.available()) rdata =;
    return rdata;

After this "Wire.endTransmission();", it just request something again by "Wire.requestFrom(deviceaddress,1);", so it seems that you can go on your task...
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2016-06-21 08:21:33 Sorry I meant Bluno M3 userHeadPic purav70
2016-06-12 15:35:18 Sorry, may I confirm that do you mean Bluno or Bluno M3, they are different? userHeadPic Leff