missing header file for sim800H GPRS shield examples

userHead r.yates 2016-06-15 04:37:38 2618 Views3 Replies
I recently boaught a sim800H GPRS shield (TEL0089) and tried to use one of the examples in the sim800program library (sim800test.ino). However i get an error when trying to compile it, see below;

In file included from /home/richard/Dev/arduino-nightly/sketchbook/libraries/sim800program/examples/sim800test/sim800test.ino:2:0:
/home/richard/Dev/arduino-nightly/sketchbook/libraries/sim800program/sim800cmd.h:13:23: fatal error: inttypeds.h: No such file or directory
#include <inttypeds.h>

compilation terminated.
Using library sim800program in folder: /home/richard/Dev/arduino-nightly/sketchbook/libraries/sim800program (legacy)
exit status 1
Error compiling.

I am using arduino version 1.6.7.

Any help is much apreciated.


2016-06-22 10:41:16 Hi Richard,

We have been trying to solve this problem, but the specific time I don't know. I will feedback to my team. Thanks for your suggestion.
userHeadPic Wendy.Hu
2016-06-22 04:38:11 Hi,
When will an arduino IDE 1.6.x compaitble library be available?


userHeadPic r.yates
2016-06-15 10:45:14 Hi

The library is not not compatible with Arduino IDE1.6.*, recommand Arduino IDE 1.0.*. And here is the note on the wiki, you can have a look
userHeadPic Wendy.Hu