Changing Characteristics and Services for BLE

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I am modifying the source code for an iOS app (with Xcode) that connects to sensors via BLE. The app searches for a peripheral with a specific set of services and characteristics. How do I change the services and characteristics of my Bluno Beetle (version 1.93) from the default ones? I used the app LightBlue to see that there are currently 2 characteristics on the Bluno Beetle, with UUIDs DFB1 and DFB2- both of these can read, write, and notify. My current service UUID is DFB0. I would like to customize these so that I can connect the Beetle to the app.

This is my first time working with BLE and iOS app development, so any help would be appreciated.

2016-06-20 19:01:44 Hi Celine,

Do you mean these 12 pins?

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If so, yes, you can do it by the CC debugger, i bet you know it, lol :D

Actually, we have the guide how to do that here. ... service%3F (could be found in Bluno FAQ, Q5)
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2016-06-17 12:30:55 Thank you for your response!

I noticed that on the Beetle board, there are 12 small pins on the back of it, possibly a way to reprogram the Bluetooth chip. Someone in my lab suggested that I look into this. Would it be possible to connect to the CC2540 chip on the board? If so, how would I go about doing it? If not, then would a way to do this be released in an updated version of the firmware?

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2016-06-16 17:31:25 Hi parporn1,

Welcome to DFRobot and good day,

It happens that someone talked it, a similar question, these days. viewtopic.php?f=18&t=2035#p9213 Unfortunately, the UUID, DFB* are not allowed to modify, we did this in our code is to use the app to work with DFRobot BLE cards... (personally, I think this is not so good... :? )

Anyway, very glad to hear from you, welcome more questions and shares. :)
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