Issue with some new and old Nixie Modules from DFRobot

userHead Watt Dan 2016-07-04 09:20:17 1871 Views2 Replies
Hello all! I searched the forums and found no posts on the Nixie modules that DFRobot sells. So let me explain my issue and see if anyone has suggestions.

I bought 2 of the Nixie Modules about a year ago: ... 3m2eLgrI2y

I recently purchased two more in the hopes of completing a clock project. But I've run into an issue trying to use all 4 modules together. When all 4 are connected, the 2 new ones wont display their numbers at all. The backlight coloring works but both refuse to display any number. The older ones I have work ok.

If I disconnect the old ones and have only 2 setup then I get the numbers to display correctly (with a slightly higher voltage i found, 5.3V).
The old ones work find alone and/or connected to new ones. No combination of tube order helps them work either, the new ones just dont light while connected to the old ones as a set of 4.

I also tried one new and one old, they both work. When I added a third onto the chain (new or old, dont matter) the new ones stop working properly (partial display of number). I thought a power issue but I have a bench power supply capable of supplying 20A!

I also tried different Arduino (Uno R3 both) and different wires for power/signal.

So any ideas? Or do i need to see about getting replaced?

2016-07-09 11:19:53 Hello, and thank you for replying!
Attached some pics, one of the old ones with one of the new ones.
Besides slightly different components (different manufacturers?), the tube also seems to be slightly different (different grills and labels) The one on left is old unit i have, both of old ones are same tubes. The one on right has no label (silkscreening?) and also a slightly different shaped tube. Middle is also a new one.

Hope this helps some how.
userHeadPic Watt Dan
2016-07-04 12:26:06 Hi Watt Dan,

Sorry that you are having trouble with this nixie module, I have not played this before, and I checked its version history that the latest update can be tracked to May, 2014, so the ones you bought should be the same, right? Can I have a picture?

BTW, I emailed to the offical for help ... 2061...any update will be posted here asap.
userHeadPic Leff