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userHead doggy__ 2016-07-13 00:28:30 17431 Views9 Replies
I have Bluno with atmega 2560.....
I have successfully paired to my windows 7 computer via bluetooth dongle
but no drivers are found, ie, when i go to properties, services it says unknown bluetooth device

I tried driver that came with it , for atmega 1280, where it shows a com port attached and registers port number, but device manager still shows an ! and message that "device cannot start",

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please advise
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2016-07-20 20:55:47 your right i should relax, i am just so lucky to have a vendor that is very responsive in these situations

also my aplolgies to mrs xu who i know is just trying to help

however whatever i did earlier in post, the bluetooth chip is now chirping random data which is causing too much noise on my arduino tx/rx0 line so even though it connects to pc serial , data cant be read between ard and pc, either way i am returning it so it is no longer my problem

as for this device it is still FALSE ADVERTISING to say it is bluetooth 4.0 since it did not have PC driver, and was not even discover able by my android phone, its like if i pissed in a bottle and sold it as apple juice, im sure "there is apple juice in it",
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2016-07-15 12:08:50 Relax Buddy,
Actually Bluno series have been a good Arduino board, the whole Arduino pin mapping, support wireless programming and data transmission. Especially the Smartphone Bluetooth connection. All data operation could be implemented on the phone. But the PC connection still need another DF BLE product, that is really bad (I saw some guys making a "Bluno terminal" for Bluno, really cool, doesn't need usb BLE link, just a BLE dongle. I can't find it now, maybe you can search it )

Anyway, have you tried to update the Bluno 2560 is using the same driver with Arduino 2560, so just need a USB cable. Have you updated the firmware? the new firmware fix some bug. Have a try.
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2016-07-15 11:35:24 exactly my point, i could have saved myself 20$ and just got a regular atmega

and then bought one of these for only 5$: ... SwrklVDCUp

guess what, it does have drivers and pairs right away to bluetooth virtual serial port
userHeadPic doggy__
2016-07-15 10:40:44 Ooops

The Bluno only supports two modes: Data transmission and HID device. But for now, the Data transmission mode only works with DF Bluno series only. So you will need a USB BLE Link to create a COM port and receive data transmission. It doesn't support the other ble dongle device.
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2016-07-15 09:56:21 well that is great help ... what ever you had me do has caused the 2540 to start sending random information on the rx 0 line
now my com16 serial usb port no longer responds to the compiler , 2540 responds to data terminal but now I can no longer compile to arduino via usb

thank you dfrobot hu but are you going to accept liability for your bad advise , it is obvious you had no clue since you have been pointing me to default serial port drivers, not bluetooth virtual drivers, I am now going to need to wait a month for shipping to swap my atmega for something that isnt bluno.

Now please are there any actual employees of this company or has dfr Robot dropped to the same level of customer support as all these other online vendors who's tech support is afraid to pick up the phone. and if not so , why haven't you intervened the bad advise in this thread?

OVerall I only purchased this piece of junk because it advertised "easy bluetooth programming" -- that is not the case if you need to buy 50 more fads to make it work , in the 90's we came up with a word called "plug and play", or at least include a fad in the sale... or at least an aster ax in the bottom corner saying its actually recycling and doesnt really work , instead of calling it version 1.0

Further more if anyone else reads this DONT BUY THIS BOARD , as you can see they cannot even provide basic drivers that usually comes with even the most basic bluetooth devices... in fact having this defective bluetooth attachment actually causes conflicts on the txrx0 port and ties it up so it cannot be used with other peripherals either
(even before dfrobot xu crashed it)

.... after this experience and setback i will definitely never purchase a DRF product again and only leave here wondering how these people get away without class action lawsuits..
(i think the makers of my 3d printer got away with it by calling it a kit) only hope is that this is able to at least reach one reader who is about to waste the 60$ on this product.... before the mods delete it due to some or other "violation of forum rules" .... even though they dont mind the violation of my pocketbook
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2016-07-15 05:38:58 That did not work, all dpinst-amd64 drivers are all installed ok

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2016-07-14 15:00:14 Now, maybe you can try another way:

1. Open the Arduino file on your computer
2. If your computer is 32 bit system, run the dpinst - x86. Exe
3. If your computer is 64 - bit system, run the dpinst - amd64. Exe
Then in the pop-up dialog box, click on the "next", you can complete the installation quickly, as the following figure shown:
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2016-07-13 19:21:58 thanks , but...
Just in case i am unclear.....
My arduino serial port works ok...
I fail on step 5, I have latest download of arduino software, but it cannot find the driver file in the folder or on win updates,

It is the blueno "bluetooth virtual serial port" driver i need :

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2016-07-13 11:12:12 Hi,

If it was recognized as an Unknown device, maybe you need to update drivers.
You can try fixing it by updating the driver or reinstalling it. Here's how:

1. Select the Start button, type Device Manager, and select it from the list of results.
2. Expand one of the categories to find the name of your device, then right-click (or tap and hold) it, and select Update Driver Software.
3. Select browse my computer for driver software. Click next.
4. Browse for driver software on your computer. Choose the search path to E:\arduino-1.6.8\drivers (your Arduino IDE installation location), click next.
5. Always install the driver software
6. If there is "The best driver software for your device is all already intalled", proves Driver installation successfully.

If these steps don't work, try reinstalling the driver: Open Device Manager, right-click (or tap and hold) the name of the device, and select Uninstall. Restart your PC and Windows will attempt to reinstall the driver.

Hope it will help you.
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