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How to connect external microstep driver to mainboard

userHead daviddoepel 2016-07-17 20:56:58 5032 Views2 Replies

I am trying to hook up a clay extruder to my overlord. I am using an external microstep driver to control the extruder.

My question is: can i remove the driver on the overlord mainboard and just connect the external driver to the relevant pins (direct, engage, step and ground)? Or would this somehow cause issues with the board?

I have never done this before and I dont want to blow the mainboard. Any suggestions?

2016-07-18 19:12:07 Hi pearl.chen!

Thanks a lot for your reply. I think i need to clarify a little though.
this is the driver i am using: http://www.jkongmotor.com/Product.asp?A ... Catalog=73
The stepper motor connects directly to the driver so i dont/cant use the E slots. The driver and the motor are supplied externally with power with 24V DC.

According to the schematics I would have used pins 9 (ground), 10 (direct), 11 (step) and 17 (engage) at E1 or E2. those are the signals i need for my external driver.

I guess my question remains: If I connect my external driver with the motor hooked up to those pins .... Any chance of ruining the board?

Thanks for your help
userHeadPic daviddoepel
2016-07-18 17:27:21 Hi daviddd, base on the schematic, there is a step on D49 a direct on D47 a enanble on D48 and base on the layout, you can direct plug a stepper motor on the E2 socket. Also you need a stepper motor drive for the external stepper motor. userHeadPic pearl.chen