dfrduino FIO uploading code problem

userHead Account cancelled 2016-07-23 00:05:45 1411 Views1 Replies
Hi guys! i bought dfrduino FIO last few weeks ago and when i uploading a code i think that the FIO not communicated with the FTDI Basic. What is the problem in uploading the code? i am just uploading blinking sample codes from arduino
2016-07-25 14:44:12 Hi Cezar,

Did you connect Xbee module to the board when you uploaded the code? The XBee socket and FTDI connection dfrobot on the same TX/RX pins of the ATmega328. You will need to remove the XBee module while reprogramming over serial.

If not, could you provide me a picture about your connection diagram? Especially the place of connecting with FTDI.
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