Vortex usage really only with i-devices /Android?

userHead mrother 2016-07-26 19:13:19 3439 Views1 Replies
Hi everybody,

I got 2 of these Vortexes – one for my daughter (8) and one for me.
Unfortunately we have only one iPad and the display of the tiny iPhone 5 display is a bit small to use WhenDo in a comfortable way.
We have a MacBook and 2 Windows notebooks in the family and it would be cool if we could use WhenDo on the Windows notebook (it has Bluetooth) or the MacBook (older one one of the first unibody).
Will there be a MAC-OS/Windows version of WhenDo or is there any trick/emulator making it possible?

Many parents of my daughter’s schoolmates like the Vortex and the idea of getting kids into programming (or offer them a way into).
But the need for an iPad to be able to use WhenDo in a comfortable way is for many of them a showstopper which is a pity because it's such a great toy/learning utility.

Another issue for some families is that WhenDo is only in English.
If there would be a way, I'd be happy to help in translating.

2016-07-27 17:20:54 Hi Mike,

Thanks for your info, we will improve the WhenDo compatibility on different platform. But now, sorry it can only run on iPad 3+, iPad mini 2+.
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