DFPlayer DFR0299 Question

userHead geometrixeng 2020-02-07 04:18:40 2163 Views1 Replies
Hey Everybody,

I just purchased a DFR0299 MP3 player module (waiting on delivery). I am using the DFPlayer_Mini_mp3 library and have written a few lines of code to manage user inputs.

I am prepared to used Serial Mode, but I/O mode seems to provide all of the functionality that I least I think it does. When I power up the device, will it automatically start playing? Or do I have to pulse the Segment 1 pin to ground?

How many tracks can I play in I/O mode and with the next track play after the current track is finished?

I am using an Arduino Pro Mini 5V microcontroller module. I am using this because several other components that I am using are also 5V. One of the videos that I watched stated that even though Vcc = 3.2-5.0V, the UART is 3.3V. Do I need a voltage divider to receive communication from the microcontroller? Or can I send 5V signals from the microcontroller without a voltage divider?