A problem with IO Expansion Shield V7 for Leonadro

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I've encountered a small problem with using these two together and would like to hear if anyone as an idea what might be the issue. The code works perfectly fine when I connect the cables from my sensor to the Leonardo board. No issues here at all. The sensor is stable and gives correct values. However, when i try to do it through the Expansion shield then is when the problem starts. With the expansion shield V7 then the analog values are just all over the place. Very unstable and gives a completely wrong reading.

The ultrasonic sensor uses PWM setup.

So my configuration is like this from the Expansion shield to the sensor is as follows below:
GND ---> GND (I use any of the ground connections because it shouldn't matter which one I connect to)
5V A4+A5 ---> 5V (Reason I use 2 analog ports is because 1x analog port only supports 50mA and I need a bit more then that to perform a reading)
D7 ---> Trig (Green digital connector)
D8 ---> Echo (Green digital connector)

The sensor I try to use is in the link below: ... 1754858457

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
2016-08-03 16:42:54 Hi,

R u using this Leonardo? ... 6Gs15ckq70  could I have a picture about your wiring?

I checked with your ultrasonic sensor from Ebay, I found it is a serial interface product, so I am wondering why you are using it with analog ports A4 and A5?

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