Speaker for DFPlayer

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I read this page, but I didn't find information about the speaker. The only reference:
Drive speaker less than 3W

What are the technical characteristics: Watts, Ohms, Hz need for speaker?
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It will not be broken. Module's serial port is 3.3V TTL level, so the default interface level is 3.3V. If the MCU system is 5V. It is recommended connect a 1K resistor in series. More detailed info you can refer to the user manual- 4、Application Circuit,as shown in the attachment.
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I see the link. But MP3 module connect to 5V. Use formula: W = I^2 * R and V = W / I, then V = sqrt(W) * sqrt(R) = sqrt(0.5) * sqrt(8) = 2 Volts. The speaker will not broken at 5 Volts?
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2016-08-12 14:47:33 Sorry, I am not very clear about the frequency of the horn. I checked it on the Internet and the voice frequency of the human ear can receive is 20-20000HZ, so the frequency of the horn in the range will be fine. And I know maybe the frequency of most horn in the range of FO-10000HZ will be suitable for our mp3 mini player, very good speaker is not very suitable for our mp3.

Hope it will help you.
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2016-08-11 17:21:17 Wendy.Hu, thanks for your reply. What frequency range would you recommend for a speaker? userHeadPic AlexanderK
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Sorry for our incomplete info.

All general horn can be used, only need the Watts is less than 3W. Maybe you can refer to the following link: ... +0.5W+8Ohm
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