Not able to get the Stepper shield working (SKU:DRI0023)

userHead Account cancelled 2016-09-02 22:27:19 1602 Views1 Replies
Hi all,
I have bought the Stepper motor Shield and two square stepper motors. I attached the shield on top of a leonardo board, I repurposed mobile phone charger as the power source. I have tested it with a digital multi-meer and it outputs 5V. I connected one of the motors using the 4 pin female jack that comes with it. Once the 5v power is connected, I can see that the one of the LED on the shield is red. I also have tested the motor by using an LED (when I turn the motor by hand, I can see the LED blinking). After I upload the program as per the example here, ... KU:DRI0023)

I thought the motor will turn, but nothing happened. My switch is set to Program on the Shield and everything else is factory default.

Please help.

2016-09-07 17:31:51 Did you connect a 8.2-45V external power supply to the motor? userHeadPic Wendy.Hu