Veyron Servo Drivers combine ! Is it possible ?

userHead k.parda 2016-11-16 23:12:08 2459 Views3 Replies
Hello. Is there any possibility to combine two or more Veyron Servo Drivers together ? I need to control about 64 servos in my project if I would be able to do this by Visual Servo Controller it would be awesome. Any suggestion ? Thanks,
2016-11-21 16:37:54 Hello,

Ok, I know your meaning. You can connect three Veyron Servo Driver to PC directly, then open the software to choose serial port to control the servos. But its a pity, I dont know other similar software and a script for Arduino IDE. Whats more, when you want to control the servos, you need to take your PC every time, maybe its a little inconvenient.

sorry, I cant help you much on this.
userHeadPic Wendy.Hu
2016-11-20 03:21:50 Hello. Thank you for your early reply. The problem is I need easy programmable software for servos like DFRobot Virtual Servo Controller. I'm not familiar with Arduino Ide programming yet and do not have a lot of time to learn it. Need it to be easy to use. I need it to build programable music box. I was searching for any solution for many many moths. Any suggestion ? ? Maybe you know another software like this one. ? Or any ready script for Arduino IDE where I can put time ( in milliseconds) between servo movements . Best regards . Looking forward for your response. Best regards. userHeadPic k.parda
2016-11-17 14:08:27 Hi Sir,

Yes, you can combine two or more Veyron Servo Drivers together if there are not only one seiral port. But I would recommand you use our arduino mega2560-DFR0108+IO Sensor Shield For Arduino Mega-DFR0165 to control your 64 servos. Since there are 5 serial port on the mega2560 and 34 servo channels on the shield, you can connect two shield to the controller, then you will be able to connect 68 servos. As for the two product, you can search them on our website.

Hope this will help you.
userHeadPic Wendy.Hu