DFR0327 and TEL0051 Compatability? Power Requirements?

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I am working on a project in which i need to get GSM and GPS working on a raspberry pi 3, i have sourced both the DFR0327 Arduino Shield for raspberry pi 3 and the TEL0051 SIM 908 Shield for arduino to use for the project, however allthough the TEL0051 is directly linked to from the store page for the DFR0327 there appears to be a power issue.

On the wiki for the TEL0051 it states that The external power supply (connected to the arduino) should be [email protected] however the DFT0327 does not allow for such a power supply as far as i can tell, it receives power direct from the PI at 5V and the PI can handle upto 2.5A at 5V.

To this end, when i plug the TEL0051 into the Arduino Shield (that is connected to the PI) the pwr LED on the TEL0051 lights up very dimly which leads me to believe it is not recieving enough power.

How exactly and i supposed to get this working, and if it wont work why is it listed as compatible on the store page? :evil:
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2017-02-20 18:08:38 Hi Sir,

Just relax. You can connect external power supply(7-12V) to vin pin of sim908 directly, then I am guessing SIM908 will work well.
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