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HI guys , any body here use python code? ive manged to get a pc usb joystick talking to my romeo board with and attached servo and able to manipulate it , over the usb cable, the python code reads joystick movements and send them to board, but i wud like this to be done with the apc220 module , which im sure is possible but its doesnt work just by changing com port values in the python script, so any help wud be cool, thanks for your time and happy building/coding/destroying
2012-04-06 13:44:22 Hi Bkrause,

Have you got it working just using the PC and arduino with some Arduino code? I would make sure both of the APC radios are talking to each other before moving to Python...
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2012-04-01 23:04:13 hey Ricky, thanks for your reply, i will recheck value again, i found an article on diy drone and sum guys was using 4 apc220 modules because 2 couldnt handle the telemetry and comms, but i cant imagine thats my problem. and i changed the baudrate to 19600 on sketch , script and the apc220 modules, but that didnt help. in just at a loss because even if the set up cant interpret quick enough, had having lost packets etc, it wud still move a lil, the one indication i have is over cable on power up the servo realigns ( u hear a noise) and with the apc220 plugged in that doesnt happan.

the video shows what i have it doing
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2012-03-30 23:59:51 Some advice on troubleshooting:
1) make sure the APC220 work as they are.
2) make sure the baud rate on Python has the same value as APC220 which on default should be 9600.

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