TCS3200 measuring

userHead ecangis 2017-02-24 10:52:03 1706 Views1 Replies
Hi, I have bought this color sensor and have been able to make it work...ish. The problem or issue that I have been having is that somehow if I turn the leds on all the value goes to full white and if I turn them off the result go to full black, I have try even putting a potentiometer in the middle so I could regulate the intensity of the light but haven't had any luck, still the same.

Have run the code from wiki and code from other examples, try putting S1 and S2 high and each one in low leaving the other in high as well, but nothing seems to work.

Please if anybody could tell something to try it would be great.
2018-02-17 06:56:49 What are you pointing the sensor at when the LEDs are on? A red or green or blue object for a simple test? userHeadPic tjsharpe777