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iBeacon on Bluno

userHead Account cancelled 2014-04-24 04:30:45 4514 Views2 Replies

I just got a couple of Bluno and I wanted to test them in iBeacon mode. After checking the wiki for the documentation I haven't figured out how I can get all the parameters for the iBeacon to work properly, plus I don't have any way of knowing what the UUID for the device is. I greatly appreciate any assistance on this matter.


2014-04-24 11:40:14 Exactly!

Bluno just like a signal projector, if you have a Iphone with BLE 4.0 , you could try to find your Bluno location with app.
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2014-04-24 09:15:49 Hey,

I have been playing with the BLUNO for a couple of days. I apologise if I cannot give a good advice in advance.

From what I know, the only thing you can do on BLUNO is to switch the iBEACON on/off by issuing "AT+IBEACONS=ON" or 'OFF'. As of now, I don't think there is any way to configure or get the parameters of the iBEACON. The UUID also cannot be retrieved nor set manually as of now. I think the DFROBOT guys are working on a new firmware if I am not wrong for this.

If you have an iPhone that supports BLE, go ahead and download this awesome sample app from APPLE called, "Air Locate". It allows you to scan the BLEs around with its distances as well as its UUID. Don't be fooled by the UUID displayed. It is a randomly generated UUID. So, its not your actual BLE UUID. Hope this helps a little. :)
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