Improving conductivity meter lifespan

userHead Account cancelled 2020-02-09 08:20:27 1412 Views1 Replies

since DFrobot doesn't have a industrial grade probe yet, and i want to measure my solution 24/7/365, i would like to know if there is a workaround to improve the lifespan of the sensor.

So the sensor doesn't like to be submerged for a long time ....

1) would draining the meter without flushing it with demineralised water be enough?

2) how about turning the probe off until i need a next measurement?

3) when is the industrial grade version coming out?

2020-02-11 12:14:13 Hello, I have some ideas maybe helpful for you.
The probe can not be immersed into the water for a long time. So you can use a servo to pull up the probe. When you want to measure the water, control the servo to put down the probe into the water. After the measurement, pull up the probe, then clean it in the clear water.
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