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TEL0002 BT adaptor MAC address

userHead phelum 2015-01-07 17:58:37 4606 Views4 Replies

I have 5 of these adaptors and they all have the same MAC address. This point is mentioned on the dfrobot site but not on my resellers site so unfortunately I wasn't aware of it when I ordered the adaptors.

Does anybody know of any Linux software that can change the address ? Or any details that would assist me in writing a program ? I've tried bdaddr and bccmd (both meant to be able to access the Cambridge IC that the device identifies as) but neither can effect a change.

2015-01-12 10:47:13 Like a USB hub? userHeadPic Grey.CC
2015-01-11 21:42:40 We are looking for a "device" which plugs in to the mains socket converting output to USB at 5 volts. We can find these in UK but, of course, with a UK plug.

What would this be called in French - and where to buy?

Thanks in advance.
userHeadPic KavomatovlKiz
2015-01-08 04:15:19 Hi Grey,

Thanks for the reply.  I've compiled macchanger but it accesses devices via their network interface name (e.g. eth0) and the BT adaptor doesn't appear in this list.

The USB IDs are 0A12:0001 which is a CSR IC (not sure which one).  The MAC addr starts with 00:15:83 which is used by a company called IVT Corporation. 

userHeadPic phelum
2015-01-07 21:42:40 Hi Steven?

Try using software called macchanger, google it.
It should work with wifi and Bluetooth MAC. And it should support Linux.
userHeadPic Grey.CC