latte panda turns off automatically

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i have latte panda 4G/64GB , the problem is , it shut downs automatically after 10 or 5 minutes running and i have to start it again.please help someone is it a power problem or windows problem?
2017-08-14 00:49:23 Could be 2 different issues in my view. Power supply may be an issue. A 2 amp power supply is not adequate. I needed to dfrobot the 2.4 amp supply with a powered USB hub with an additional 2 amp supply before it would run properly. Looks like 3-4 amps should be minimum for this board. Without it, it will not start the board properly, or you will get immediate shutdown when driving the board a little harder by starting a video viewer or even uploading a Arduino sketch. The other issue may be CPU overheating to 90 degrees. You at least need the LP heat sink and cooling fan. These units should not be sold without power supply or heat sinks as standard issue. DFRobot and LP tech support should both be all over this forum. Many posts have no response. Support, where are you? userHeadPic raymostrom
2017-04-06 18:35:45 Hi,
does the LP sleep or turn of the screen?And if it just sleep ,you can wake it through press power button once. And if it shut down suddenly when using ( not just openning) please check the power supply which can output more up than 2A current.
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