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Detailed dimensions

userHead elisagonresi 2020-04-17 20:14:35 3366 Views4 Replies
I am designing a PCB and I would like to have the Bluno Beetle v1.1 detailed dimensions, more exactly the connection patches.
Thank you very much.
2020-04-20 20:04:39 Hello again.
I had already found a PDF with some top and bottom dimensions but they are not detailed, did you mean them? I would have not asked for it if I had not made the effort to find it. I was specting for an sch file or a much more detailed pdf.

So... should I conclude there are not such files in wiki?

Thank you very much for the answer.
userHeadPic elisagonresi
2020-04-18 19:06:53 Thank you for your answer but I cannot find it. Could you send me the link, please? I'd be grateful. userHeadPic elisagonresi