DFR0327 (Arduino Shield for Pi) and DS1307 (Real Time Clock).

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I have a DFR0327 plugged on to my Pi4. The DFR0327 has a built-in DS1307. I have the Pi4 able to read the DS1307 and set the Pi clock via hwclock. What I would like to do is read the DS1307 from the DFR0327 itself. I have tried a bazillion different code samples and all I can ever read back are 0xFF. Does something need to be jumpered on the DFR0327 in order to read the DS1307? documentation on the DFR0327 is a bit sparse.

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Sun Apr 26, 2020 5:50 am
Hi Robert,
We found the way to avoid hardware change.
Could you please read the post wrote in Chinese
and we will update the wiki ASAP.
I can already read the DS1307 embedded on the DFR0327 from the raspberry pi. I am trying to read the embedded DS1307 on the DFR0327 from the DFR0327 itself. I want the Arduino to have access to the onboard DS1307 .


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Thu Apr 23, 2020 7:46 am
Hi, please try removing the two capacitors as the image shows: ... FR0327.jpg
How are these capacitors to be removed? Does one essentially "break" them off the board?
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2020-04-25 02:19:03 Before I brick the DFR0327, what side effects does removing these two capacitors have?
Since these capacitors were placed on the board, I imagine they have a purpose.
Will the Raspberry Pi still be able to read the DS1307?
Can these capacitors be put *back* on the board if this does not fix the issue?

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