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Trying to execute a Beetle boards “AT+…” commands from “BlunoBasic Demo” android App

userHead empty3teen 2017-05-09 01:18:39 1608 Views1 Replies
I can apparently get the Beetle into the “AT” mode by sending “+++”, but I cannot get an “AT” command to execute, apparently because I cannot put the required new-line & carriage-return codes at the end of the “AT” command.
Can the new-line & carriage-return codes be input from the keyboard that comes up with “BlunoBasic Demo”? If so how?
Is there another way?

It would be nice if the “BlunoBasic Demo” had a user button that could switch between sending a new-line & carriage-return on the end when the “send” button is pushed; and the current “send” method.
Thank You!
2017-05-10 23:13:11 I also tried the Bluno Link (TEL0087). I think it would allow entry into the Beetle’s “AT” commands if it didn’t use the same “AT” entry command as the Beetle, “+++”.
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