Antbo PIN mapping / documentation

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I'd like to program Antbo directly from the IDE, but I need documentation to tell me what pins control what aspects of the device, and what pins sense device state. Without documentation it is impossible to use the IDE.

Please post a link to the Antbo documentation. Thanks.
2024-02-20 00:46:18

I understand a lot of copycat competitors out there, but this fake opensource behavior won't help your business either.

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2024-02-20 00:30:47



Anyone can post the schematic of Antbo?


It's promised to support Arduino IDE on you Indiegogo campaign page, so at least you should provide PIN map. 


It's discontinued for a long time now; I don't think it still hold any value to withholding PIN map from your customers.


Whoever trusted your company on this project will definitely regret this expensive well make hardware toy sitting dust on the shelf, just because your company can't provide reasonable software support.



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2017-07-03 15:38:56 Hi, attached is the schematic of Antbo, you can find the link of each part userHeadPic robert.chen
2017-06-27 00:45:22 I agree the documentation for the Antbo product is currently poor. No libraries or functioning code examples from which to expand. Any plans to make these available? userHeadPic dgwashburn