Switching off battery with solar power manager (DFR0535)

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Hi everyone,

I am working on a remote turf monitoring system which consists of sensors with a datalogger.

The system uses a solar panel (5W) and the solar power manager DFR0535 with a Li-PO 3.7V battery.

I would like to know if it is possible to add an on/off button in the system to switch off the battery/solar panel and consequently all the monitoring system. I know that there is a "boot" button on the solar power manager to add protection. If the battery is disconnected with a button between the battery and the DFR0535, I am wondering if I must push the button everytime the battery is disconnected?

Where should be the button? Between positive cable of the battery and the solar manager or between the solar panel and the solar manager?

What could be the best solution? Is there any risk doing that?

Thank you in advance,
2020-06-11 23:29:51 Hi my friend,
I suggest you add the on/off button between DFR0535 and the monitoring system.You can keep DFR0535 working all the time.
The button on DFR0535 is the start button of the lithium battery protection chip, so if you cut off the power supply of the lithium battery, you have to press the start button every time you power on to start the lithium battery protection function.
But I want to know why you need cut off the monitoring system?Isn’t this system placed in the wild and always in working condition?
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