Throw-in type liquid level transmitter reading only 0.00mm

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I have the same issue as a previous post. I am only reading 0.00mm. I have an Uno R3 Plus, the throw-in type liquid level transmitter kit, and a variable DC power supply that provides 24 volts. I used the exact code from the wiki to test. Here is a screenshot.

Is there anything else I can try to get it to work?
2021-02-09 14:12:20 Ok, i had a lot of progress here. In a very stable environment i am using an ads1115 for my measurements. The ads module is away enough from arduino or any power source. As you can see i have very unstable measurement and completely fake.

I took some thousands measurements with in the air to find out the current at 0mm. That number was 3.78mA. Although i only had an arduino powered by same source as the sensor at 12v and powering the module from arduino this number was between 3.69 and 3.89 mA. I also tried with 24v source with no change.

Now i have about 100mm of oil and the sensor gives me 350-450mm.

If anybody wants to experiment with this (expensive) sensor , make sure you have common ground. Unfortunately there is no way (i didn't found one) to have stable measurements. I ordered a second one with the same results.
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2020-09-28 02:00:36 Has anyone succeeded to work this? Whatever i do i got the analogRead near 0 and not stable. At first i powered the sensor as diagram shows with 12v source and then with 24 (dedicated). I 've never saw a value other than 0. Except if i disconnect the cable.. userHeadPic admin