Gravity: Analog EMG Sensor Wrong Readings, SEN0240

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Hi All,

I just got the EMG Sensor and set it up according to the documentation to an Arduino Uno. However, when I run the first sample code I do not get accurate readings. In fact, I don't know if the values I get are readings at all. I am getting squared values that are orders of magnitude larger than 1000 (in the 400 millions+). I know this isn't correct but I am not sure what is causing this. I still even get these readings when the sensor isn't even plugged in. One the documentation it says if you get really high values change the spot but I have moved the sensor all over my arm and can't seem to find any good locations.

All my wiring is okay, I even used different jumpers just to make sure it wasn't a short. But I still seem to get this ridiculous values. I also adjusted the power frequency to match my countries and still no luck.

I am using Arduino IDE 1.8.13
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Thannks a lot~!



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2023-03-09 09:58:30

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2022-10-18 14:20:31

Hi, Please try to change the position of the electrode. In general, the output value should not be higher than 1000 under the condition of muscle relaxation. Your abnormal data may be due to the electrode placement surface, please attach it to a large surface of skin. 



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