SIM7000E Shield + Arduino Uno Wifi rev2

userHead slavmail80 2020-08-04 21:05:53 1020 Views2 Replies
Hi All,

I try to use Arduino Uno Wifi Rev2 as a weather station and a wifi hotspot, including SIM7000e shield from DFRobot to communicate through LTE with cloud database.

My project works perfectly when I use Arduino Uno. Shield works very well, post any sensor data to the database. But I need a hostspot instance for other wifi devices at the facility (cameras). And I am able to do it with my Arduino Uno Wifi rev2.

Altough, when I tried to use the same code which works on Arduino Uno, compilator shows error:
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DFRobot_SIM7000.cpp: error: reference to 'UDP' is ambiguous
I think the issue is related with board library, but I have no idea how to fix it. Do you have any clue?