Having a problem with servo on, please!!!

userHead Account cancelled 2020-11-12 12:59:16 581 Views1 Replies
I'm using mirco:bit and 9g micro servo, when the servo is connected to "P" slot (i.e. P16, P15, P14...) it works well. However, when it is put on "S" slot on DFR0548, the servo's work out is strange (i.e. for some degree it keep rotate continuously in one direction, for some degree it moves 180 degree and stop....). Can anyone help to solve this? or i should not use the micro servo for "S" slot?

Many thanks!
2020-11-13 09:00:46 This situation is because the PWM signal is interfered. There is no better solution for the time being. Maybe you can change some interfaces or modify the code. userHeadPic 347945801